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ZodiaWave's News

Posted by ZodiaWave - April 16th, 2022

So, the Pico movie might be on hold and the new project is still being ironed out, but luckily, I have these shorts currently in the works that I plan on posting semi-frequently. So look out for that in a few!


Posted by ZodiaWave - December 12th, 2021

So, just got back from work to see my follower count go up to 45.

So yeah, hey guys, hope you enjoy your stay! Also, you definitely haven't seen the last of SD Puro, so that's something to look out for in the future.


Posted by ZodiaWave - October 19th, 2021

Trying to finally do final artwork for the Pico movie now that the treatment's officially done. Just, had to get a day job while the Patreon's still struggling, and it's pretty much taken over my life for the past month and a half.

So again, I'm sorry, but I don't exactly have a choice here even if it sucks.

Posted by ZodiaWave - July 31st, 2021

Just a minor thing. Made playlists for my 3 main projects.

That way, in the case of JIRO for instance, there's easy access to the whole series right from the profile page. Even updated the archive links in each page to reflect that!

ZodiA WavE Part 1 - GorgoN ChambeR X: Grim Genesis

Pico's School: Countdown to Berserk

Beast Killer: JIRO



Posted by ZodiaWave - July 6th, 2021

Yep, set up a patreon. If anyone wants, you can either join, share it around, or just follow. You'll get some sweet rewards including, but not limited to uncensored JIRO pages, early ZodiA WavE Podcast episodes, a patron-only gag comic, and most pressing at the moment: you can view a teaser trailer for our Pico's School movie a week before it drops on Newgrounds!

Just click here to go to the patreon page!



Posted by ZodiaWave - June 26th, 2021

Due to outside circumstances, the original VA for both the protagonist, Oliver, as well as another character, Osiris, has had to step down. So now the roles are open, and I moved the deadline forward again, with the audition lines and notes ready.

You can check the casting call here like before!



Posted by ZodiaWave - June 7th, 2021

Ghi'to's life changed forever that night, when the strongest of all Beast Kaiju, the Omnia, destroyed his tribe's sea colony. Few would survive the carnage, including one of the men who raised him.
After the tribe is taken in by Girus Village of the Isle of Jiranta, Ghi'to is determined to become the village's greatest hunter. Not only to gain respect from his family's keeper, or his fellow tribesmen, but to take revenge on the monster that destroyed his home.
On one day, however, a man does the unthinkable and slays a kaiju completely on his own. The young man becomes obsessed with him, desperate to know who... no... WHAT this man is.

Into seeing sexy/scary muscle men in loincloths fighting giant bug monsters? Like seeing casually naked guys realize their true potential, save the world, and get freaky when the job's done? Then you are going to LOVE this manga!

Expect 1-2 pages a week at least, and this post will be updated with links to new updates as they come out.


Posted by ZodiaWave - May 24th, 2021

Decided to switch to a podcast format. 6 of the hosts in GNCR X have already been cast, however we're still missing 4 parts. More info on the link below:


If you wanna audition or just spread the word around, that would be appreciated!iu_312912_6796747.webp


Posted by ZodiaWave - May 8th, 2021

It's time for Oliver's big fight with Wade!

Latest episode can be read here.


Posted by ZodiaWave - May 2nd, 2021

Finished the page yesterday, but I wanted that day to be about Newgrounds, as it should be.

Anyway, here's the link to the latest ZodiA WavE episode.

New opening, "Blood River" was commissioned to Shimshon the Gadite. Dude makes awesome stuff, give him some love!