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ZodiaWave's News

Posted by ZodiaWave - 5 days ago

My area's now had a town-wide power outage for the second week in a row. Even though today's was shorter, I can't trust the services to be consistent anymore. I'll try to get as much out as I can at the risk of wi-fi dying, and the schedule for the monthly animation isn't FULLY fucked yet. Just want to let you guys in the loop.



Posted by ZodiaWave - 2 weeks ago

Karatkuro, a good friend, primordial patron, and collaborator, has recently put out a new trailer for her big game project, but her community seems to want to bury it.

Just trying to lend her a hand and get the word out!



Posted by ZodiaWave - August 14th, 2023

A good friend of mine, Joshua Pedder of Jericho Media, released the start for a new audio drama series, Neon City: Private Eye, and commissioned me to do the character artwork!

You can check it out here, go on over and show Josh some love, dude's told me his plans and shown me past audio projects, he got some good shit cooking.


Posted by ZodiaWave - August 7th, 2023

While working on those tokusatsu bois, I had an inkling of an idea for making physical trading cards for sale of just every character I got so far (and any new boi to come). Like, baseball card style with stats in the back and shit. I have a Game Crafter account, can just print the cards through there, but I wanna know what you guys feel.

Doesn't need to be a comment, you can leave a reaction emoji if you think that'd be cool. Just spit-balling ideas here.



Posted by ZodiaWave - July 19th, 2023

Unless god himself challenges me to an arm wrestling contest tomorrow, early access for Finale 1-2 should be up tomorrow, perfectly on time to start work on the animated reward (also the day job schedule gave me 3 days off in a row, and I am FUCKING USING THEM!)!


Posted by ZodiaWave - July 14th, 2023


After all the sheer amount of scrapped methods and directions, the new streamlined chapter is ready. All that's left is extra bells and whistles, spellchecks, credits, and the recap which just requires me to copy/paste the gifs from BLOOD SPIRAL.



Posted by ZodiaWave - May 4th, 2023

Noticed that some people would rather do a one-time instead of joining a wholeass membership. I hear you guys, got a ko-fi set up. Sadly can't do more than a tipjar there cuz their "nsfw" tag isn't actually for nsfw, but the option's there now.


Posted by ZodiaWave - February 19th, 2023


Time for the real ride to start.

You can check out the episode a week early on the Studio LZRain patreon, and reap some extra rewards for joining.

That's all for now, and as always, EnjoY ThE ShoW!


Posted by ZodiaWave - November 17th, 2022

To anyone who saw my now deleted post, I apologize for stooping to that low.

While any and all help is appreciated, I let a desperate situation get the better of me, clouding my mind of any possible solution, and even worse, I decided to spread a bad example to any fellow artists who might be in a similar situation. That was wrong of me, no excuses.

As things stand I managed to buy myself some more time with a new work schedule. It isn't perfect, but atleast I won't have to quit art just so my bank account doesn't go nuclear. While any support would still be appreciated, I will give my due diligence and show I'm actually WORTH the risk.

Besides, what kind of zodiaka would I be if I didn't put more backbone into life?


Posted by ZodiaWave - April 16th, 2022

So, the Pico movie might be on hold and the new project is still being ironed out, but luckily, I have these shorts currently in the works that I plan on posting semi-frequently. So look out for that in a few!